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Thing 23 – Summer Learning Reflection


Wow! My eyes have been opened to so much by taking this class. I thought I had a feel for all that was out there but I¬†wasn’t even¬†scratching the surface. I still feel overwhelmed by all the possible uses but I have a better grasp of how it all can work together to make more […]

Thing 20 – Just getting started with Google


I must admit that the past few weeks have gotten the better of me and my schedule. I am rapidly feeling the urgency to do so many things that I wanted to do this summer all crammed into this last week of vacation before school resumes. I always think I will get so much done […]

Thing 18- Screencast save me


I love this! I used Screencast-O-matic to create a screencast for my students on using Excel to create a data table, process data using formulas, and graph their processed data, adding error bars. I saved the screen cast as an .mp4 and can now post it to Dropbox for my students to access at any […]

Thing 17 – Podcasts


I subscribed and listen to a few podcasts before such as NPR Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me! and Science Friday. There are so many out there that seem interesting as I perused the selection for this “thing”. I have friends who listen a lot to podcasts in their car on the long commute to work. […]

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